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New research charts the path for workplace technology in the Nordics

The latest research study by Nordic facilities firm Coor looks at the emerging technologies impacting buildings through the lens of employee experience, decision-making and building maintenance

WORKTECH Technology Guides: an insight into the key players of digital workplace innovation

How can organisations decide the best workplace technology for their spaces in a market crowded with innovations and solutions? The WORKTECH Guides offer an insight into the leading vendors in the technology market according to five categories

Can data reactivate the office in a hybrid working world?

As organisations seek to improve their workplace experience, leveraging the right workplace data can unlock the path to more engaging, activated offices

Why a data-driven approach is key for a successful return to office

Bringing people back to the office has revolved around whether to mandate or magnetise. Why don’t we use technology to create workspaces that support people in the way they work best?

Making hybrid happen: six principles for technology integration

Many companies have adopted new technologies to support hybrid collaboration without alignment to strategic intent. ET Group proposes six principles to support a more integrated approach

Powering up: how to enable the workplace through digital transformation

A new report by Williams Lea examines the key technologies and vendors that are driving the modern workplace experience forwards

Why company leaders should embrace the AI powered workplace

Employees rather than organisations have led on the use of AI in the workplace up until now. A new report from Mirvac says it’s time for company managers to create momentum

AI legislation: will new EU act protect or punish innovation?

The benefits of AI in the workplace have long been heralded, but what does new EU legislation mean for platforms like Chat GPT that have become workplace staples?