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Classifying smart buildings: four levels of smart

Workplace technology is in a constant state of beta, so how can a successful smart building strategy be deployed? Luke Bailey of UnWork explores the four stages of smart building implementation in the first instalment of a trilogy on strategy

Unified Communications

Video in vogue: mapping future tech strategies for the workplace

Technology is central to workplace strategy, so why is it still a source of frustration to users? Mike Halliday of Cordless Consultants looks at the impact of audio visual and unified communications in the workplace and how the right tech strategy can really change the game


Building as a platform: the business case for smart real estate

As smart infrastructure rises up the corporate agenda, Elisa Rönkä of Siemens looks at how the physical workplace can contribute to business growth as a dynamic platform

AI in the workplace: creativity friend or foe?

As we embrace the Smart Building, will AI technology support workplace creativity and improve productivity or pose a threat? Nigel Miller of Cordless Consultants weights up the argument


Smart secrets: stitching together the ecosystems of the future

What does ‘smart’ really mean? And how can we learn from the industry’s past mistakes? WORKTECH’s Smart Buildings 2019 conference pulled together key players to share their secrets

Smart Buildings

Smart Buildings: the critical questions answered

With Smart being the order of the day on every workplace-related project discussion, Cordless Consultants has answered four key questions which will help drive smarter Smart Building strategies


Auto-advance: the impact of automation on the nature of work

Can automation help people get further in their career? George Zarkadakis of Willis Towers Watson suggests it could be the answer to accelerated career progression

Tech and Trends

Clash of the digital titans: a reality check on workplace technology

Tensions between today’s workplace and the emerging digital workplace were brought into sharp relief at WORKTECH’s latest Tech and Trends 2019 briefing