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Is empathy the missing link in tech integration for hybrid?

Building the hybrid workplace requires technology integrators to pay more attention than ever to human behaviour. Canada’s ET Group is using the principles of design thinking to make empathy central to the development process

The office building of 2030: how tech can build a greener future

This WORKTECH Wednesday Briefing looks at a major new report which charts a rise in investment in smart technology to meet sustainability targets – and at a green workplace concept from Hong Kong

Twelve things for companies to consider in going hybrid

What are the key dichotomies and decision points that organisations face on the journey to hybrid working? A new report from AV product manufacturer Poly sets out a road map


How IoT is reimagining connectivity for the hybrid workplace

As work becomes more distributed, offices need to work harder to offer value and connectivity to employees. How can the Internet of Things play its part in bridging together digital and physical worlds?

How technology can mediate between flexibility and community

Is an increasing expectation for flexibility at conflict with the employee’s desires for human connection? A new report highlights how workplace technology can intervene to bridge the gap

How can technology and design collaborate on hybrid?

Technology integrators and interior designers need to work closely to create the hybrid workplace, but too often there is a divide. Canada’s ET Group is using the principles of design thinking to build bridges - is this a blueprint for collaboration?

How flexibility can unlock the potential of the future office

A new working model is emerging with flexibility at its core – affecting everything from place and process to culture and collaboration. A new paper from Condeco explores its key parameters


How automation technologies can damage worker wellbeing

In the emerging world of robotics, artificial intelligence and algorithmic systems, there will be losers as well as winners, warns the Pissarides Review, a new British report on the future of work