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AI infographic

The AI advantage: who’s profiting from the rapid growth of AI

What does the growth of artificial intelligence mean for economies, companies and industries? In this infographic feature, software expert TechJury demonstrates the potential power of AI and its impact on our future

Robot reboot: why we should stop taking fright at automation

The technology doom merchants have got us on the back foot over the rise of the robots. But there are three good reasons to be cheerful, not fearful, about machines in the workplace

technology trends

Arriving now: seven big tech ideas to reshape the workplace

Seven big ideas in technology are set to reimagine the workplace in terms of experiences, services and the way people will work, explains Philip Ross

Seeing double: how the digital twin is transforming facilities management

As the role of facilities management becomes more complex, developing technologies are shaping up to lend a hand in the form of the digital twin


AI and automation as engines for efficiency and growth

From chatbots to automated processing, a new report by accountancy software firm Sage looks at the upside of AI and automation, highlighting the potential to help companies to grow

How machines really learn

Competing against machines: how AI is changing the future of work

Can machines outperform human intelligence? And what are the consequences for the future of work? Philip Ross busts some fundamental myths about the capabilities of machine learning

qualified self

The Qualified Self: time to give older employees a helping hand

Digital technology is helping health-conscious millennials to track every move they make. What about adapting the Quantified Self movement to give the ageing workforce its own platform?

cloud computing

Clouding the workforce: a blueprint for the future of cloud computing

How are new ways of working evolving in an era of hyper-connection? Rob Wilkinson looks at the real estate implications of adopting cloud computing in an ‘Internet of Workplace’