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The roaring twenties: can tech innovations lead a global revival?

As struggling economies around the world adjust to a different model, investors are backing new technology not just to improve performance but to create a more equitable workplace


What is telematics and how can it transform the modern workplace?

As the workforce becomes increasingly untethered from the office, how can telematic data help to transform modern business practices?

Sound ideas: aligning acoustics and productivity for the new world of work

A new research report by EPOS and WORKTECH Academy explores the future of employee communication and the role of voice in an increasingly hybrid workforce

Liquid assets: smart systems for simpler and more agile work

The new WORKTECH Guide to Resource Management lifts the lid on the room and space booking technologies that are set to shape the new world as the office assumes a new purpose

How can digital workstations improve the return-to-work experience?

From improving ergonomics to advanced booking systems, the digitalisation of desks can intelligently contribute to the post-pandemic objectives of companies and employees alike

How chatbots are making a comeback in time of Covid-19

Chatbot technology was a flash in the pan which over-promised and under-delivered. But now it’s back in business, making progress in key industries. In this WORKTECH Briefing we review a new report

Sound check: the role of AV in the post Covid-19 office

The audio-visual landscape of the workplace has a significant role to play in the post-pandemic era, according to Cordless Consultants’ Nigel Miller. How can organisations alter the AV experience in the workplace to tempt employees back?

Getting practical: a guide to the journey to smart

As we gear up to tempt people back into the office and look to smart technologies to get our buildings safe and user-ready, Cordless gives some practical advice for facilities managers