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Imagine if the global pandemic had happened in 2005

Smartphone technology was instrumental in helping us work through Covid-19, says BBC Technology Correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones. In an exclusive extract from his new book, he speculates how we would have coped without it

Is it time to stop trying to predict an uncertain future of work?

In our latest WORKTECH Wednesday Briefing, we look at a new Autodesk Foundation report which argues that we should move beyond predictions and forecasts to focusing on what workers really want


What the launch of SmartScore really means for smart

As smart building solutions continue to gain momentum, will the introduction of a new smart building certification add clarity to an already crowded marketplace?

Navigating the new digital wave for the post Covid-19 workplace

Digital transformation is critical for many organisations navigating their return to the office, but how can leaders navigate through the maze of emerging technology solutions? A new report by Samsung charts a path forward

The role of IoT in 2021: mapping out the road ahead

Connectivity continues to play an increasingly important role in building smarter, more robust and equitable environments. This article by Signify explores the pathway to a healthier, more sustainable future which harnesses the benefits of the Internet of Things

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The Global Green Agenda: where technology and policy meet

As global governments are under increasing pressure to reduce carbon emissions, the intersection between policy and technology could be the solution, according to Signify’s Jonathan Weinert

What 2020 taught us about the role of tech in interiors

Office technology wasn’t idle while we’ve been away. On our return, it will need to work harder to create more experiential places for people


Sustainable urban futures: why ‘Covid-19 emissions dip’ was not enough

Covid-19 lockdowns saw a dip in carbon emissions in 2020, but is this enough to spark sustainable, long-lasting change? Jonathan Weinert of Signify believes we still have some work to do…