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What’s really behind our automation anxiety about the future of work?

Scare stories abound about how robotics and machine learning will destroy jobs. But lack of investment in IT is the real thing to worry about, argues James Woudhuysen

Security is threatened by our own workplace

Fighting hackers with hackers: fortifying smart buildings from attack

What secrets are our buildings telling on us? And how can companies protect themselves from hackers? Philip Ross suggests a self-attack strategy could help

Smart buildings hacked: six things we learnt about the future workplace

From new deals to dashboards, WORKTECH’s second specialist Smart Buildings conference looked at six drivers of change for the data-driven workplace of tomorrow


How machines are changing the data game

You don’t have to be a data scientist anymore to understand data. Claire Penny of IBM reveals how machine learning can unlock the power of data in an exclusive video interview

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Are smart cities the ultimate playground for hackers?

As everything in the urban environment becomes more connected, are we opening the door to bigger security threats? Smart cities could be the biggest threat to digital security yet

The new era of smart office

Five key elements that will transform the future smart office

Smart offices can use the potential of digitalisation to address the big challenges in the workplace - but only by changing our interaction with the building first. A new report from Siemens Building Technologies and WORKTECH Academy explains how

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Redefining smart: the transformation to responsive office buildings

From cognitive buildings to smart precincts, this year’s Smart Buildings conference will showcase the latest research, case studies and technologies in smart buildings from around the world

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Adapting to survive: don’t waste money on tech people won’t use

In the final blog of a three-part series from Cordless Consultants on digital evolution – not revolution – Beverley Eggleton looks why people resist tech change and how to give employees what they really need