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Smart utilisation: your guide to the latest occupancy data

As the pandemic puts the focus on the need to keep employers safe, our latest WORKTECH Wednesday Briefing introduces the WORKTECH Guide to Utilisation Technologies and describes a stunning innovation to tackle vehicle pollution

Will rise of the virtual classroom teach us a painful lesson?

In the final part of her series on the long-term impacts of the pandemic, Krupa Solanki of UnWork warns that the switch to virtual learning amid Covid-19 will widen the inequality gap and damage workplace diversity

Augmented work: how can humans and machines collaborate?

A working world in which people and robots accomplish things together rather than separately will have significant implications for office property and workspace design, according to a new discussion paper from Mirvac

Can smart transform the post Covid-19 office experience?

Smart technologies capable of making the office a safe and dynamic part of the new ecosystem of work are coming much closer to reality than we think

Smart working: can building intelligence offer a route out of crisis?

As companies struggle with a welter of post-pandemic priorities, data-driven smart buildings can provide a platform for the future of work, according to a new report from Schneider Electric and UnWork

The big question: how will Covid-19 change the world?

In the first of a five-part series on the long-term impacts of the pandemic, Krupa Solanki of Unwork looks at the most likely shifts in the world of technology

Can workplace experience apps help the office to fight back?

Our weekly WORKTECH Wednesday Briefing explores how workplace experience apps might play a significant role in making the office a more desirable destination for employees reluctant to return

Healthy buildings: how can we achieve better results?

While the impetus for creating healthy buildings seems greater than ever, there are some historic barriers to progress.  In the final instalment of a series of articles, Paul Wells sets out a roadmap for change