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Smart ecosystem: secrets of the successful smart building

As global demand for the smart building grows, how do its various elements integrate and interact to create a seamless environment? One answer is to develop a smart ecosystem, as a new report launched at WORKTECH Berlin 2017 explains

Fluid Collaboration: linking brilliant brains across time, place and space

How will collaboration change over the next five years? And what should companies do about it? A new Avocor report co-produced with WORKTECH Academy introduces a new concept to address these issues

Drive time: how will autonomous vehicles affect the future of work?

Driverless cars have the potential to reshape our cities. But what are the implications for our workforces and workplaces? WORKTECH Academy asked a panel of experts at the London Transport Museum

Smart office buildings: what features do people really want?

How much do people really know about smart offices – and what features would they like to see? A British Land survey of more than 1,000 London office workers seeks some answers

Smart messaging: making software and interfaces our friends

In the third and final of a series of posts from architects BVN on the digital revolution affecting the workplace, the focus switches to the potential for improving human experience

The pixel democracy: giving millennials a voice at the table

Mezzanine, an immersive visual system for remote collaboration from Oblong Technologies, is based on research with a young workforce requiring swift, immediate sharing

If you’re talking about digital, it’s already too late…

George Muir is a futurist with IKEA. As he told delegates at WORKTECH London 2016, a fourth industrial revolution is just around the corner…

The Dropbox doctrine: build bridges, not islands

Aditya Agarwal, Chief Technology Officer at Dropbox, shares his thoughts on how enterprise software must work across all platforms and applications – and focus more fully on the workplace to raise productivity