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Why judges won’t halt the march of the machines

As automation makes increasing inroads into human jobs, there is now a shortening window to reskill and upskill the workforce for the new world of work

A digital toolbox for future workplace transformation

As employees demand more from their workplace and the overall performance of building portfolios, how can corporate real estate managers respond? A new report by Locatee and Memoori identifies the key digital tools to support change

Innovation Day 2020: new scenarios for augmenting work

More than 50 workplace professionals around the world participated in WORKTECH Academy’s Innovation Day 2020 on the theme of how augmented technologies will impact the future of work


Smart office: exploring workplace apps and visitor management

As hopes rise for a proper return to the office, our latest WORKTECH Wednesday Briefing introduces the WORKTECH Guides to Workplace Apps and Visitor Management, providing a range of solutions for a better work experience

The Great Return: mapping out the digital direction for returning to the office

As companies plot their strategy to get people back into the office, many organisations are looking to digital solutions to offer a safe and flexible return

Video-first learning: a long-overdue revolution in education?

Much like the workplace, the education system has been thrust into a remote learning experiment of unprecedented scale and scope. As schools and universities look to re-imagine the learning experience, video technology could be a lifeline for the future of education.

Invisible augmentation: just a bit more than human

While human augmentation can still feel like the plot of a sci-fi movie, the reality is that it could soon be coming to a workplace near you

Great expectations: facing the demands of the digital generation

Many Gen Z entrants have started their working lives video-conferencing from home in the pandemic. Their technology behaviour will require employers to rethink their office offer in the race for talent, according to a new report from Logitech