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How digital tools help office building owners to ensure continuity

In the pandemic crisis, facility teams are facing reduced access, lower occupancy and shrinking budgets. Can a digitised building infrastructure help meet the challenges?

Life in lockdown: how will technology rise to the challenge?

In surveying the current scene, we look at tech trends for a post-virus world, document the start-ups enabling remote work, and explore how big brands might be repositioned in the age of  the Covid-19 pandemic

Working without boundaries: can video bridge the communication gap?

As remote working becomes critical in the time of Covid-19, advanced video conferencing technology is set to make collaboration easier for the work-anywhere employee

Wireless wonder: is your workplace ready for Ultra-Wide Band?

The data-shifting and location-tracking potential of Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) is set to open a whole new world of technological possibilities for the workplace. But are companies ready to take advantage?

Generation Z

Why video-first organisations will win over Generation Z talent

Organisations everywhere are now trying to attract the newest workplace entrants – but how can Gen Z’s different technology demands be met?

future gazing

Facing digital assassination? Innovation predictions for 2020

What’s in store of us in 2020 as technology takes on a growing range of social challenges? UK innovation foundation Nesta has made a series of ten predictions

Gen Z’s digital demands: the ultimate challenge for workplace tech?

As the Generation Z cohort enters the workforce with different expectations of technology, how should employers best serve their needs?

Classifying smart buildings: a guide to four levels of smart

Workplace technology is in a constant state of beta, so how can a successful smart building strategy be deployed? Luke Bailey of UnWork explores the four stages of smart building implementation in the first instalment of a trilogy on strategy