Are workplace superapps the next go-to tool for the workplace?

Workplace superapps are on the rise, but how are they serving the work ecoystem? A combination of complete integration and personalisation will make these tools indispensable, says a new CXApp report

For companies navigating the new world of work, it can be easy to feel like you’re playing whack-a-mole, thrashing out technical solutions for one problem only for another problem to immediately appear on the horizon.

Months spent looking at vendors and analysing costs can ultimately feel like they’ve been wasted when a new issue raises its head or a new solution arrives on the market and the process starts again. So, what’s the answer?

In its report ‘The Rise of the Workplace Superapp’, technology company CXApp argues that having flexible solutions that can be tailored and personalised to your changing needs might provide a solution to this dilemma. In theory, the superapp is an integrated solution that can provide a variety of services and help create an ecosystem of workplace tools that are consolidated in one place, making it easier for employees to find tools and employers to offer new solutions.

Riding the superapp wave

Superapps such as WeChat have already been influencing the market, offering users the opportunity to chat, game, shop and access other amenities, all on one convenient platform. According to research by Garner, by 2027 more than 50 per cent of people will  be using a superapp on a daily basis. So if they are set to become the norm in our day-to-day lives then why not our working lives too?

Superapp solutions

How exactly can a superapp help your organisation? CXApp cites five main areas where the app can help:

  • Streamlining multiple use cases of workplace applications into one place
  • Improving employee experience through automated, contactless touch points
  • Removing tech stack friction by offering one secure, single access point to sign-in
  • Eliminating app overload through intelligent, in-depth integrations
  • Reducing IT overhead with one place to manage access and usage of multiple apps

CXApp also highlights how helpful having everything in one place can be when your workforce is distributed over multiple locations, with people working from site, from home, from a café or from the office.

Sticky business

CXApp uses the term ‘stickiness’ to describe the aim of a superapp. These tools induce stickiness through the creation of behaviours that draw users back to the app time and time again on an everyday basis .

The level of stickiness that a superapp creates can be measured by an increase in app visits, an increase in employee time spent with a workplace app and an increase in positive employee sentiment. By providing employees with indispensable support and help, a workplace superapp become a standard element of the new workplace ecosystem.

Find out more about the kinds of features and services that CXApp can offer via its workplace superapp here.

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