Size matters: large firms lag behind in getting employees back to the office

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Culture clash: has the pandemic really damaged company cohesion?

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The office building of 2030: how tech can build a greener future

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A unified work approach to create seamless office experiences

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Liberated Work

Liberated Work: where does the corporate workplace go next?

As hybrid working widens the scope of where people can work, a new Australian report explores what the fate of the corporate office might be and how that fits into expectations of flexible working

From place to people: the shifting focus of sustainability

As organisations gear up for a more sustainable future, a new report explores the different avenues that companies are taking on their ESG journey, and asks – what type of green company are you?


Time to wake up to the real costs of workers losing sleep

From sleep pods to sleep coaching, organisations are starting to take the sleeping patterns of their employees seriously as tiredness and exhaustion take their toll on economic productivity

Why is London lagging behind in recovering from the pandemic?

As UK cities start to recover after the pandemic, one major  urban centre – London – is still behind the rest of the pack in terms of spend and footfall, according to the latest data from Centre for Cities