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Three reasons to upgrade your access control technology

How can companies stay ahead of emerging threats to building security? Implement an access control system that is convenient, flexible and respects data privacy, says security specialist HID Global

Can design thinking unlock technology integration for hybrid?

As companies grapple with the challenge of implementing tech solutions for hybrid working, a pioneering approach by a group of Canadian tech integrators demonstrates the benefits of empathy and co-creation

Intentional IT: making tech work for a human-centric workplace

Will emerging technologies improve or remove human connection? Cordless Consultants explores the impact of the rise of smart technology and how technology will have to become more intentional in 2022

dynamic workplace

From fixed to flex: a smart approach to the dynamic workplace

As the rapid changes in work patterns continue to expose inefficiencies in the physical workplace, a new report aims to highlight how smart storage can help companies create more dynamic workspaces


WORKTECH Guides: an update to Who’s Who of workplace technology

The workplace technology market offers a wide spectrum of innovations and solutions, but how can organisations decide what’s best for them? The latest update to the WORKTECH Guides series surveys the technology market across five critical areas, listing the key players

Welcome to 2022: where next for emerging technologies ?

In our first WORKTECH Wednesday Briefing of 2022, we explore a list of new technologies that are set to shape our working lives this year. Stand by sleep trackers and 3D printed offices…

The Internet of Bodies: where employees and data collide

You’ve heard of the Internet of Things, but did you know about the Internet of Bodies? As the boundaries between technology and the human body continue to blur, are we are witnessing a new era where the human body becomes the technological platform?

Tech trends for 2022

Clarity and understanding, quantum computing and securing the supply chain will be at the heart of business success in 2022, according to Moneypenny’s Chief Technology Officer