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What’s behind the positive academic research verdict on virtual reality?

New research sheds further light on the need to manage virtual reality simulations with great care. But academic studies suggest that when VR is done right, there are plenty of positives

How to use space optimisation data to reduce office costs

A tougher economic climate means businesses are on the hunt for space cost savings based on smart data analytics, as the second in our article series with Deskbird explores

Why neither space nor tech can really solve hybrid meetings

As companies struggle to provide digital equality in the hybrid work era, are we looking at the challenge from the wrong angle? Canada’s ET Group believes the answer lies with underlying organisational culture and behaviours

Space optimisation: what is it and why is it important right now?

As companies adapt their workplaces for hybrid work, space optimisation is a key priority. But what is it all about and how can technology help?  A new article series in collaboration with Deskbird explores the subject

Unlocking the potential of your space: data and real estate

How can we use technology to make  better use of our office space? Companies the world over are currently asking this the question. A WORKTECH Webinar in partnership with Zapfloor explores the key issues

Micro-mobility makeover: e-bikes set to simplify commuting

A rise in commuters hopping on electric bikes has given rise to innovations in the e-bike market that could potentially transform how we get to and from work

Ready for hybrid? Try the Modern Work Readiness Score

As new ways of working reshape the office landscape, how do companies know if they’re going in the right direction? A new tool by technology firm Crestron aims to provide some guidance

Why your existing building can be just as smart as new

Smart buildings are often shiny, new and purpose-built. But that’s not an option for smaller firms. How can you transform the space you already have? A new report may have some answers