WORKTECH Technology Guides: an insight into the key players of digital workplace innovation

How can organisations decide the best workplace technology for their spaces in a market crowded with innovations and solutions? The WORKTECH Guides offer an insight into the leading vendors in the technology market according to five categories

As we navigate the hybrid era of working, organisations are increasingly looking to smart workplace technology to support a changing working landscape. In recent years, the workplace technology market has expanded rapidly, and new innovations and solutions have flooded the market. This has left facilities management and corporate real estate teams with the task of sorting through vendors to make the right decision for their organisation.

The third edition of the WORKTECH Guides provide an updated, definitive starting point for key decision-makers to embarking on a digital transformation. They provide a best-in-class overview of key players in workplace technology by listing the most innovative vendors and solutions within five critical areas of the smart workplace: Workplace Apps, Booking Systems, Visitor Management, Workplace Sensors, and Experience Technology.

The Guides are continuously updated with new key players and WORKTECH’s expert industry insight on a regular basis. Access to the reports are included within WORKTECH Academy membership packages, or can be purchased here.

The Guides are compiled by WORKTECH Academy and consulting partner UnWork using a combination of primary research (including questionnaires and interviews) and secondary research (interrogation of websites, reviews and product documentation), as well as engagement with exhibitors and presenters showcasing innovations at WORKTECH conferences and events around the world. Each report includes an executive summary, industry analysis and detailed surveys of numerous vendors within specific technology markets.

Workplace Apps

In recent years, there has been an explosion of interest in workplace apps as organisations have increasingly recognised their ability to boost the workplace experience. The WORKTECH Guide to Workplace Apps offers an in-depth exploration of the key players in the market and the features their products offer, from tailored recommendations for services to streamlining the visitor experience.

Booking Systems

The WORKTECH Guide to Booking Systems offers a thorough analysis of the top vendors for meeting room and desk booking software. With so many companies choosing to adopt a hybrid working approach, employees are now distributed across a more flexible landscape of work, leading to a competition for certain spaces. When employees come into the office, it is important they have access to the right spaces in order to do their jobs effectively. Booking systems can give employees access to the spaces and facilities they need, when they need it.

Some key features to look out for in room booking systems include wayfinding, capacity control, interactive floor plans, AI and automation capabilities, and room-finding capacity.

Visitor Management

The hybrid landscape of work, with employees and visitors alike increasingly returning to the office albeit at varying and changing paces, has meant that managing the flow of people through a business and ensuring preventive security measures are in place is paramount. In today’s landscape of work, visitor management systems can often provide an important first impression of a business. As organisations hope to make their office environments attractive places to come to, this is not an area they can afford to get wrong.

In the WORKTECH Guide to Visitor Management, readers can find an analysis of the most innovative players in order to help inform decisions on how best to unlock the potential of excellent visitor management.

Workplace Sensors

The WORKTECH Guide to Workplace Sensors is a resource for workplace strategists and real-estate decision makers to navigate the expanding industry of sensors in the office. In profiling the top vendors in the workplace sensors market, it examines integrated and data-driven solutions for tracking workplace occupancy and utilisation.

Some key features to look out for in workplace sensors include anonymous data tracking, integrated data analytics software and AI enabled features.

Experience Technology

In an increasingly competitive business world, staying up to date with the latest trends and innovations within the workplace has never been more important. Companies that are consistently innovative and searching to improve what they do are those that are the most successful.

The WORKTECH Guide to Experience Technology is divided into six sections, focusing on technologies for the environment, collaboration, smart systems, biometrics, robotics, and the future of work. It includes detailed descriptions, company information and technical data of over 40 vendors focusing on the most significant innovations in the workplace right now.

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