Why focus and flow will matter in the hybrid workplace

Helping people to achieve a state of concentration and creative flow will be essential to the future of workplace productivity, says leading neuroscientist Fiona Kerr in an exclusive interview with the Smart Coffee Break, presented by Nestle Coffee Partners

Why the return to the office matters to raising productivity

The pandemic gave workers more autonomy – now they need more face-to-face interaction if productivity at work is to improve, says leading expert Despina Katsikakis in an exclusive interview with the Smart Coffee Break, presented by Nestle Coffee Partners

How design switched from surface style to social inclusion

As the return to the office puts more focus on diversity and inclusion, a new book by the director of WORKTECH Academy tells the story of inclusive design through 30 objects and environments

flexible building

The rise of the flexible building to support hybrid work

The pandemic has seen the growth of flexible work patterns, flexible teams and flexible organisations. Shouldn’t our office buildings be more flexible too? A new Schneider Electric report weighs up the opportunities

Tokyo survey suggests signs of change in Japanese workplace

On the eve of the Tokyo Olympics, new research from Xymax suggests that some companies in the Tokyo metropolitan area are early movers in the race to reform their office functions

New London Architecture report signals flexible future

The London office sector suffered in the pandemic but now has the opportunity to ‘build back better’ with a focus on smart, sustainable, adaptable and affordable workspace, says a new NLA report

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Will the rise of the omni-channel worker reshape corporate real estate?

As more organisations move to a hybrid or ‘work from anywhere’ model, what does this mean for the future of the office? A new report by Australian developer Mirvac suggests there are parallels with omni-channel retailing

The roaring twenties: can tech innovations lead a global revival?

As struggling economies around the world adjust to a different model, investors are backing new technology not just to improve performance but to create a more equitable workplace