Global cities unite to showcase impactful climate action at COP26

As the COP 26 conference on climate change finally gets underway, Arup and the C40 network of global cities are presenting inspiring examples of what can be achieved in 11 world cities

The city snaps back: what we learnt from Chicago conference

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A way out: how coworking spaces are supporting the office return

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Building a vision: can a green city flourish in a US desert?

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Can mobility hubs change direction to sustainable journeys?

This WORKTECH Academy Briefing  looks at a new report from Arup and the Go Ahead Group which sets out a blueprint for better connections between sustainable modes of transport

The Vitality Index: a new metric for who’s back in the office

Our latest WORKTECH Wednesday Briefing looks at a new metric to identify who is returning to the workplace in North America, Google’s billion-dollar move, and a new Future of Life Science event

Office return radar: what are the big employers planning this autumn?

September 2021 was flagged as the key moment to kickstart the return to the office, but corporate organisations are still struggling to put new plans in place. WORKTECH Academy has compiled a survey of strategic moves by large companies

Back from the brink: how cities are plotting a healthier future

As changing work patterns begin to influence the future health and sustainability of our urban spaces, Healthy City Design International Congress 2021 will set an agenda for radical change