Change playbook: discover 20 different ways to transform your office

A major push globally to redesign office space for the new workplace era is leading to some smart and innovative design interventions, says a new report from technology company MRI

 Amid the current high-profile debate about the future of the office and the best way for companies to operate in the hybrid era, one thing is consistently overlooked. Globally, the office is undergoing its most radical physical transformation in a generation.

Organisations are busy adapting their culture and updating their HR policies, but the major effort right now is to redesign and remodel the office so that it regains its status as a desirable destination and hub of productivity.

According to a new report from technology company MRI Software in partnership with WORKTECH Academy, entitled ‘20 Different Ways Companies are Transforming their Offices, there are plenty of different options for design renewal.

Described as a ‘change playbook for the future workplace, the MRI paper highlights some of the most interesting and innovative interventions under five headings: the sustainable workplace, the healthy workplace, the social workplace, the digital workplace and the inclusive workplace.

Explore design strategies

Using these five categories to group design strategies in the office, companies can explore how they want to enhance and realign their workspace according to the factors that matter most to them:

  • The sustainable workplace – this section looks at how organisations are utilising innovative materials, adaptive reuse, demountable design and energy efficient approaches to project their core green values and meet the ESG agenda.
  • The healthy workplace – what makes a healthy working environment? Companies are investing in better air-quality, biophilic design, stress-reducing spaces and active travel infrastructure such as cycle storage.
  • The social workplace – this section looks at how to support social connection in a hybrid world with investment in amenities and concepts such as the office as brandscape or the office as members’ club.
  • The digital workplace – here the paper explores how digital technologies can enhance the physical workplace through data analysis, experience tech, living labs and the use of extended reality innovations such as AR and VR.
  • The inclusive workplace – the final section focuses on design adaptions and interventions to make the office more welcoming, non-hierarchical and inclusive of the widest range of needs, including people with mobility issues and neurodiverse employees.

Read more about how companies are transforming their office spaces in the report ‘20 Different Ways Companies are Transforming their Offices’ here.

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