Workplace webinar: how companies are transforming their offices

A new report from MRI Software, which explores innovative ways to adapt your workspace in the new landscape of work, will be discussed in an upcoming webinar

In the changing landscape of work there is an urgent need to create a high-performance workplace that attracts people to return, but understanding how to achieve this aim can be a daunting task.

A new report by MRI Software in partnership with WORKTECH Academy, titled ‘20 Different Ways Companies are Transforming their Offices’, sets out a series of innovative strategies that companies around the world are adopting.

Change playbook

This ‘office change playbook’ explores how organisations are already changing their approach to the workplace, and realigning spaces and buildings for the new realities of the working world. Innovations are arranged into five groups related to the sustainable, healthy, social, digital and inclusive workplace. Ideas span from adaptive reuse and experience tech to the living lab and the members club.

These transformational examples will be discussed in a webinar organised by MRI which takes place on 11 April 2024 (11.00-12.00 ET).

This online event will feature insights from a panel of experts: Adam McCary, Senior Account Manager for MRI; Craig Gillespie, MRI’s Managing Director of the Occupier Division; Kay Sargent, Director of Workplace Thought Leadership at architecture firm HOK; and Steve Geary, Managing Director of smart building company One Sight Solutions.

Sign up to attend the MRI webinar on office transformation here.

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