House of pain: who will foot the bill for empty offices?

This WORKTECH Wednesday Briefing looks at an Economist report which predicts nervous days ahead for office landlords as a reckoning draws near on the cost of falling occupancy rates

Healthy City Design

Creating healthier cities: share your ideas on new work practice

If you’ve got new workplace research, projects or ideas to share that can make our cities more sustainable and healthy, then the Healthy City Design International Congress wants to hear from you

Tokyo survey suggests signs of change in Japanese workplace

On the eve of the Tokyo Olympics, new research from Xymax suggests that some companies in the Tokyo metropolitan area are early movers in the race to reform their office functions

Urban vitality: the open spirit that drives economic growth

This WORKTECH Wednesday Briefing looks at new research which seeks to explain why some cities have more urban vitality than others – it’s all about the interplay between entrepreneurs and their environment

New London Architecture report signals flexible future

The London office sector suffered in the pandemic but now has the opportunity to ‘build back better’ with a focus on smart, sustainable, adaptable and affordable workspace, says a new NLA report

China’s return to the office signals post-pandemic future

In our latest WORKTECH Wednesday Briefing, we explore how Chinese workers are already road-testing the hybrid working model and preview an event exploring the impact of the pandemic on learning and innovation

Out of office: has the pandemic changed our perception of workplace?

New research from Sony Nimway and WORKTECH Academy explores the evolving perceptions of remote working and what this could mean for future office design

Why the life science real estate sector is primed to expand

Unlike traditional real estate areas such as retail and offices, the buoyant life science sector is well set to withstand the economic ravages of the pandemic, according to a major new report from Perkins & Will