Digital directory of products aligned to WELL standard launched

The International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) has introduced a directory to assist users looking for products or solutions that fit with various features in the WELL Building Standard

As more companies aim for the WELL Building Standard, where can they find products or solutions that fit different aspects of the WELL standard?

A new a digital directory has been launched by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) to assist users in this quest.

Supporting the Institute’s Works with WELL programme, the directory showcases the health leadership of global brands whose products and services are already validated to support WELL Building Standard features and licensed with the Works with WELL trademark.

The Works with WELL programme was introduced in early 2023 response to increase demand for healthier building products and solutions. It allows product manufacturers and service providers to validate and demonstrate how their offerings align with requirements in the WELL Building Standard.

Through a third-party documentation review process, the programme awards organisations the right to license the Works with WELL trademark for designated products, services and solutions.

Significant milestone

IWBI chief product officer Jessica Cooper described the product directory as a ‘significant milestone’ in shifting the market towards healthier buildings, organisations and communities. She said its role in providing a centralised hub for designers, architects, engineers and other building professionals to discover products that have been verified to align with WELL would make it ‘easier for them to identify health-focused solutions that contribute to people-first places’.

In its first year, the programme rollout has been focused on manufacturers and evaluating how their products, services and solutions align with WELL features. Already, the programme has seen early-adopting companies enrol more than 1,000 products of various types.

To align with a feature part, a product must demonstrate how it supports a WELL feature requirement and contribute to a WELL project’s ability to achieve that feature part. Currently, 69 specific product types, are pre-mapped to one or more compatible feature requirements. Products that have already gone through the validation process now cover 39 feature parts across nine WELL concepts.

The number of eligible product types and compatible features will expand over time as the programme evolves.  The directory also provides a listing of products and solutions that have earned the Works with WELL mark. To date, the WELL standard has been adopted by almost 44,000 projects across 128 countries, the IWBI reports.

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