Pressing for progress: ten cases for gender parity in the workplace

International Women’s Day (IWD) has been recognised for over a century, but how can female success be celebrated in the workplace? Condeco came up with ten actionable takeaways from their own IWD celebrations

International Women’s Day has been celebrated globally since 1911. It has evolved into a global movement that gives people a unified voice to speak about inequality and strive for gender parity. As UK companies have recently been required by law to publicly declare their gender pay gaps, the debate about gender parity in the workplace has never been more vocal.

‘Women bring with them different life experiences and skill sets… be confident in being you and the value you bring’ – Lynda Lowe, CMO

Condeco had no intention of letting International Women’s Day slide by, marking the event with an internal event focusing on ‘Pressing for Progress’. Condeco’s CMO, Lynda Lowe kicked off the event with an overview of her career path, navigating her way through a male-dominated tech industry and striking a balance with personal life.

The ten takeaways

Condeco’s event emphasised the positive gains women have with a collective voice. There are ten actionable outcomes which women can focus on for success in the workplace.

  1. Male dominated workplaces are no reason to hold back
  2. Be agile and approach situations with a clear head
  3. Gain respect through confidence and being good at your trade
  4. Courage is not a negative characteristic
  5. Empathy is not a weakness
  6. Press for progress by raising the next generation of strong women
  7. FM roles have changed, the good mix of qualities that women bring to the table are now recognised in this role
  8. Professionalism is key
  9. Develop skills in employees that have potential in areas which they may have been previously over looked
  10. Challenge stigmas and the bias towards minorities

The technology industry has previously been male-dominated and Condeco’s recognition of International Women’s Day is a step in the right direction to empower the women in the company and give them an opportunity to progress.

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