Ready for hybrid? Try the Modern Work Readiness Score

As new ways of working reshape the office landscape, how do companies know if they’re going in the right direction? A new tool by technology firm Crestron aims to provide some guidance

What do companies need to do to be fully prepared for hybrid working? This is the central question facing business leaders and real-estate managers as well as IT and HR teams around the world. But without understanding where you are on your hybrid work journey, and taking the time to assess the steps you’ve taken already, how can companies understand where to go next?

Technology firm Crestron, in conjunction with WORKTECH Academy, has developed a tool to help companies to do just that.

The Modern Work Readiness Score is a short, simple survey tool which asks a series of 20 questions about the integration of people, place, and technology in your organisation. It assesses the policies, settings and equipment that companies might already have in place and provides constructive guidance on the next steps that companies can take in their modern working journeys.

Opportunity to evaluate

Bringing together thinking about best HR practices, technology tools and space configuration, the Modern Work Readiness Score provides an opportunity for companies to evaluate what they need to do to make the best of hybrid working. It advises firms not to become complacent and reach that next level if they score high, and tells them what’s needed to come from behind the curve if they score low.

The tool is linked to the Crestron and WORKTECH Academy report titled ‘At The Tipping Point: How Modern Work Is Going Mainstream And Why Companies Need To Be Ready’, which argues that the time for experimentation is over; instead it’s time for decisive action, which can only be taken when firms fully understand the factors that are pushing the modern workplace in new directions.

Read about the Crestron ‘tipping point’ report here. To assess your company’s preparedness for the modern workplace, try the Modern Work Readiness Score here.

Crestron Electronics is a Corporate member of WORKTECH Academy.
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