Hybrid Work

Can a hybrid work model promote inclusivity?

Hybrid working has been criticised for promoting inequality across work environments, so how can organisations leverage new ways of working to support employee wellbeing and inclusivity?

What’s the difference between hybrid and flexible work?

As hybrid and flexible working rise in popularity,  what do these terms really mean and how do organisations decide which working practice is right for their business?

Risky business: the hidden pitfalls of hybrid working

This WORKTECH Wednesday Briefing looks at new data from Leesman on the dangers for hybrid working, and at a new Manhattan tower billed as the world’s skinniest skyscraper

Liberated Work

Liberated Work: where does the corporate workplace go next?

As hybrid working widens the scope of where people can work, a new Australian report explores what the fate of the corporate office might be and how that fits into expectations of flexible working

Home Unbound: how attitudes to hybrid have changed in 2022

The office still needs to make significant changes around hybrid working, health and safety to meet worker expectations in the US, according to a review of two employee surveys by smart building expert Brivo