The oil of the digital world: how data can boost business

What can data do to improve employee experience? How can it measure building performance? Who should have control of it? The byteSIZED Guide to Utilisation Technology report reviews 33 key vendors and analyses the big trends in utilisation technology

The Internet of Things (IoT) is taking the digital world by storm. By 2020 IoT will be in 95 per cent of electronics for new product designs. This figure will contribute to the 21 billion things which will be connected by 2020, according to forecasts by Gartner. These figures highlight the importance for property managers to understand through utilisation data collection how their building works and how people are working within it.

The byteSIZED Guide to Utilisation Technology, launched at WORKTECH London on 14 November 2017, analyses 33 different vendors of utilisation technology in the market and discusses key emerging trends in the industry currently.

The report is produced by the WORKTECH Academy in partnership with Plow Consulting. It looks at how the digital world is pushing vendors to move beyond just measuring utilisation to integrating the technology with other measurement systems to create a holistic solution that enables building managers to better understand the use of the building and even improve the wellbeing of employees who work in the building.

While many of the 33 profiled vendors offer end-to-end solutions that provide a tangible outcome for organisations, the report suggests that there are also benefits in employing an in-house analyst who knows the business intimately to make the right decisions for their specific organisation.

The report is comprised of extensive research from industry experts, and looks to outline the short and long-term benefits of employing sensors and collecting data on your building. Capturing data on a building not only gives building managers a greater understanding of building performance, but it can also improve staff productivity.

The byteSIZED Guide to Utilisation Technology can be purchased here  
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