What’s in store for 2024? Forecasts focus on transition

If 2023 was a year in which attempts to establish a new normal in the workplace were undermined by uncertainty, 2024 promises a keener focus on key themes, say forecasts for the year ahead

A growing accent on visceral workplace experiences. Conversions to residential and other creative repositioning of stranded office assets. Mixed-use lifestyle districts to bring cities back to life. AI as an accelerator of ideas and innovation. And sustainable design as a non-negotiable.

These are just some of the themes widely touted for the coming year and featured in Gensler’s Design Forecast 2024. The architecture firm’s report also looks at the potential this year for vibrant 20-minute neighbourhoods, age-inclusive communities, and new metrics for office space, as part of a comprehensive remaking of the urban realm for the post-pandemic era.

Winners and losers

The Economist’s outlook for 2024 sets the future of work in a wider business and geopolitical framework. However, its World Ahead 2024 report similarly focuses on the enormous potential of generative AI for business and how the green transition will transform the global economic order, although not in the way many people expect.

The transition to net zero will be ‘turbulent’, says The Economist, explaining that ‘It is not simply the case that providers of fossil-fuel resources will lose and providers of green resources will win. There will be winners and losers in both camps.’

Fast Company, meanwhile, has six predictions for workplaces in 2024. These include focusing on reengaging with disengaged employees, waving goodbye to command-and-control hierarchies, and recognising that human skills such as emotional intelligence, communication and interpersonal problem-solving are the new technical skills.

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