Creating agile organisations: using analytics to predict the future

How can workplace analytics prepare an organisation for the future? This Condeco white paper looks at the process of decision-making and the opportunities for workplace analytics to make a company more agile

Globalisation means that we are working in a world of greater uncertainty and disruption. In the face of change, organisations need to stay agile to adapt and evolve in these turbulent times.

It is the senior leaders of an organisation who must try to predict the future and make decisions based on the information they have. This prompted Condeco to analyse responses of senior leaders from its 25,000-person global study, looking at decision-making processes for increasing the agility and responsiveness of companies.

Analytic reference points

The findings suggested that all executive functions need consistent analytical reference points to make decisions and investments. So why don’t companies invest more in workplace analytics systems?

Many organisations have standard performance indicators that allow them to adjust operations in relation to business fluctuations on a short-term scale. However, workplace analytics, which can define, capture and analyse workplace data, enable business leaders to be fully engaged in the formulation of corporate agility strategies.

It also helps them make fact-based decisions, based on current and historical data, which helps them to achieve long-term business goals for the organisation.

Insight offsets disruption

A lack of accurate workplace analytics leads to lack of long-term insight. This needs to be addressed by organisations in order to continue working in a globally disrupted environment. Companies need to know what skills and capabilities they have on site to fill gaps, evaluate workforce performance to reward high performing employees and encourage mentoring to close the performance gap, and to understand how collaboration and knowledge is shared within the organisation.

The speed at which an organisation adapts to change depends on its overall agility and how its people have learned to balance discipline and responsibility. For this to occur, Condeco’s view is that an organisation needs to break up the business into a component-based model. These components include: malleable enterprise and governance, flexible value networks, variable work practices, conductive culture, and enabling technologies.

This allows an organisation to focus on specific components related to its core competencies. In turn, this increases agility and helps gain plug-and-play business flexibility.

Workplace analytics offer a way for decision-makers to use reliable and accurate data, which can help them adapt to change and create an overall more agile organisation.

Download Condeco’s Creative Agile Organisations white paper for more details.

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