Productivity push: Condeco’s agile response to the Stoddart Review

The Stoddart Review places the workplace at the centre of change to fix the UK’s productivity dip. Condeco’s technology can help organisations to become more agile

The Stoddart Review, published in December 2016, offers an interesting perspective from the UK on how workplace productivity can be improved.

While it recognises that there is no silver bullet to lift workplace productivity from the pit into which has fallen since the 2008 financial crash, it does suggest that careful planning, strong employee feedback, and regular measurement of what happens inside the office building can create a work environment which encourages a high-performing workforce.

Multiple stakeholders

The Stoddard Review insists that organisations need a strong business case that addresses the perspective of multiple stakeholders, but ultimately puts the end user at the centre of the operation.

It is not enough for utilisation studies and technologies to simply measure how many people are in a space – they need to look at how that space is being used to successfully measure and adjust the environment to influence workplace productivity.

The Review argues that the workplace can be a lever for increasing productivity and a catalyst for changes in human behaviour at work; it also observes that smart buildings are no longer in the realms of futurology but are now entering the mainstream.

People-centric technologies

Condeco’s response to the Stoddart Review is to support its findings and draw attention to the new people-centric technologies that the company is introducing into the workspace ecosystem. Its room and desk booking systems, for example, save time for hard-pressed employees and in turn help to create a more agile organisation.

Technology is an enabler of the workplace and smart features gives employees a real opportunity to improve their personal effectiveness. Data collected on building performance and employee behaviour has the ability to transform operating costs and efficiencies. Condeco technology responds to the changing workplace by providing a platform that enables better management of space and time.

These are the dimensions that need to be managed more effectively if organisations are to see that uplift in productivity that the Stoddart Review seeks to stimulate.

Read the full Stoddart Review here

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