Deloitte sets a new precedent for green buildings

From furniture, choice settings and energy efficiencies, Deloitte’s new London headquarters boasts unparalleled sustainability credentials and employee wellbeing initiatives with help from furniture consultants Sketch

Creativity and imagination create a new Willy Wonker way of working

The Future of Work – a world of pure imagination?

The world of work is rapidly changing, and digital domination means a shift in the type of work we do and how we do it. Leeson Medhurst of 360 Workplace discusses the transition to a ‘Willy Wonka’ principle of working

On the rise: the ten factors for a productive workplace

This white paper by Area, a company in the Fourfront Group, addresses the continuing search for productivity, and creates an opportunity for organisations to reflect on how they can make changes towards a more productive workforce

Coming up: key trends affecting the European market

From automation to changing work styles, Aki Stamatis, chairman of Fourfront Group, looks at the trends he is seeing affecting the European workplace market this year

Why wellbeing is not just a buzzword

Wellbeing is a word that is well established in workplace vocabulary, but few organisations really know what it means in relation to its workforce. Jon Odey sheds some light on the subject

Provoking the nexus: the office built to inspire

From easily adaptable spaces to beer gardens and classrooms, the new Thames Tower building is designed to inspire and provoke collaboration. Recruitment firm Austin Fraser are the first tenants of this new space created by Area.

Productivity push: mind the gap between landlords and occupiers

Findings from the Stoddart Review suggest that an effective workplace can boost business productivity. Leeson Medhurst from 360 Workplace discusses his initial thoughts about the Review’s findings

Think a building can’t be smarter than you? Think again…

Technology is getting smarter, but how does this affect the buildings we work in? The Edge in Amsterdam takes intelligence to a new level and points to a smarter future