Deloitte sets a new precedent for green buildings

From furniture, choice settings and energy efficiencies, Deloitte’s new London headquarters boasts unparalleled sustainability credentials and employee wellbeing initiatives with help from furniture consultants Sketch

Deloitte had one key focus when considering its new London headquarters at One New Street Square – sustainability. Aside from its impressive green building credentials, the professional services firm also  placed the wellbeing  of its employees at the core of the design of its headquarters. One New Street Square is the first office in the world of this size to be awarded with such high sustainability credentials. Deloitte employed furniture consultants Sketch to pioneer sustainable furniture solutions to contribute to its green objectives.

Sketch worked with a wide-range furniture manufacturers to create bespoke solutions for Deloitte which aligned with BREEAM and WELL standards. This partnership bridged the divide that can often exist between customer and supplier, as suppliers had to re-think their furniture solutions to meet the demands of Deloitte. As the workplace arena moves into a state of heightened environmental consciousness, suppliers need to be cognisant of the shift in demand of the customer.

Employee wellbeing

While there is undeniably more emphasis placed on the energy efficiencies of buildings recently, there is also a shift in attitude from place to people. Traditionally organisations exclusively looked at facilities management to alter, fix and improve sustainability issues, yet now companies are looking at how they can improve the wellbeing of their employees.

Deloitte have attempted to tackle both issues in its new workplace. The design of the workplace promotes fluidity, activity and movement which enhances employees’ physical wellbeing, while choice and autonomy of work setting enhances mental wellbeing. Sketch, together with design company ID:SR, worked to create a workplace where people felt free to roam, socialise and work anywhere – aligning with Deloitte’s goal of an ‘inclusive, inviting and inspiring’ workplace.

Breaking the mould

As one of the big four professional service firms in the world, Deloitte is under the spotlight to be at the forefront of new innovations, and it cannot remain static in the face of change. Deloitte’s new office breaks away from the traditional perception of corporate workplaces, by introducing new ways of working on such a large-scale Deloitte aims to empower its people through autonomy, while maintaining its corporate responsibility to the wider community through exceeding sustainability credentials with its building.

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