Smart services for the post Covid-19 agile organisation

How can organisations make the transformation to becoming fully agile? This latest white paper from Signify and WORKTECH Academy explores an integrated approach to implementing an agile strategy from spatial design to IT infrastructure

Data driven: seven ways to migrate safely back to the office

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Real-time real estate: from smart buildings to smart precincts

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The sustainability shift: how IoT is changing the game

As we move from a linear towards a circular economy, the Internet of Things is enabling a global paradigm shift in sustainability in the workplace

Design for diversity: how to address new workforce demands

Smart building technology that addresses psychological as well as physical wellbeing can play a leading role in designing for a diverse workforce

Smart ecosystem: why the IoT depends on collaboration

As more and more IoT devices are connected together, smart buildings need to take an integrated approach to how data is managed and collected – this has seen the rise of smart collaborative ecosystems