If the future of work is flexible, how do we get it right?

In this episode of Lenovo Late Night IT, MillerKnoll makes the case for IT leaders to give more consideration to how office environments and smart buildings can help their transformation aims

‘The physical environment needs to get back on the IT leader’s radar’, says Ryan Anderson, Vice President of Global Research and Insights at MillerKnoll, in this video interview which explores the challenges that companies face is developing a flexible workplace that integrates people, place and technology.

Ryan Anderson sat down with Kate Lister, President of Global Workplace Analytics, and Emmy-nominated host Baratunde Thurston to kick off the second season of Lenovo Late Night IT. In this 25-minute episode, Baratunde and guests talk about what a flexible workplace really is. And answer the question – if the future of work is flexible, how do we make it work?

Anderson suggests that in the rush to achieve digital transformation with the onset of the pandemic, the physical work environment was overlooked. That must change. He observes: ‘It’s a good time for IT leaders to ask the question – how do smart buildings integrate into our charter of work?’

Find out more about MillerKnoll’s approach to integrating technology in the new world of work by watching the Lenovo Late Night IT episode here.

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