New rules of work: redefining ‘modern’ for the 21st century

In this short video for Bloomberg, MillerKnoll sets out a vision for a future office based on providing more variety and choice – and on being more responsive to a diverse array of user needs

If the future of work is flexible, how do we get it right?

In this episode of Lenovo Late Night IT, MillerKnoll makes the case for IT leaders to give more consideration to how office environments and smart buildings can help their transformation aims

Places to belong: practical considerations for an inclusive workplace

In a peer-reviewed paper for the Corporate Real Estate Journal, MillerKnoll experts provide a practical roadmap for elevating the role of inclusive design to enable employees to feel they belong

The future of office design: takeaways from roundtable discussion

When the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management teamed up with MillerKnoll to run an expert roundtable, some important challenges emerged from a lively discussion

Designing a better tomorrow: a chance to reimagine the workplace

In this concise paper, MillerKnoll explains that the opportunity to reimagine the workplace for the new era should encompass employee experiences across a continuum of spaces for working

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