Making meetings more efficient: systems that can help

Meetings are an unavoidable part of working life. But how can they be more efficient? What are the key issues of meeting rooms today and what systems can address them? A report by Unwired and Plow Consulting looks at solutions

Meetings have become a fundamental part of the working day. Whether they are formal client meetings or ad-hoc catch up and brainstorming meetings, the average employee spends more than a third of their time in meetings. However, it is manger-level employees who take the lead, typically spending up to 60 hours every month in meetings.

One of the key issues that is becoming increasing apparent in the workplace is the lack of space to conduct a productive meeting. The Byte Sized Guide to Resource Management Solutions, produced by Unwired and Plow Consulting, identifies the key concerns surrounding lack of meeting room space and creates a comprehensive list of 25 companies with technologies and systems that can cater for this growing need.

The report looks at data surrounding meeting rooms and collaboration. According to Meeting King, almost 75 per cent of all meetings include two to four people, yet over half of all meeting rooms are built for seven or more people. There is a constant pressure for organisations to find sufficient space to conduct meetings and an estimated quarter of employee time is wasted on waiting for meeting rooms to be ready.

Freeing up time

There are a number of solutions which can increase the efficiency of meeting room usage, which in turn will free up time for employees. The report profiles a number of vendors who can created booking systems for meeting rooms which reduce waiting time and allows employees to see which meeting rooms are unoccupied.

This Byte Sized Guide identifies the changing ways of working and the shift towards Activity-Based Working (ABW) and how this is impacting the workplace.

The Byte Sized Guide to Resource Management Solutions can be purchased and downloaded here.
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