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On the move: the smooth transition to outsourcing

From saving costs to investing more in your core business, outsourcing can produce mutually beneficial results for all parties. The challenge is how the partnership is managed. This Aramark white paper looks at how to manage the transition to outsourcing

There is a clear shift in businesses to outsourcing as organisations have started to realise the potential benefits. But if the relationship breaks down between different parties, this can cause serious harm and companies can often revert back to the safer territory of insourcing.

This Aramark white paper, Insourcing or Outsourcing: that is the question, tackles the challenges of transitioning to outsourcing by identifying the key factors to success and the potential barriers.

Outsourcing not only allows each party to focus on their core business, it has the potential to reduce costs by 15 to 20 per cent. By allowing each business to focus on their expertise, efficiency and costs are dramatically improved.

Adding complexity

However, outsourcing involves orchestrating external factors into the business that add complexity relating to personnel, management, sponsorship and strategic fit and alignment. Aramark looks at how businesses can weave third party vendors into the business to maintain smooth and successful relations.

The report provides a seven-step guide approach to help companies understand the transition process to outsourcing. Throughout this approach Aramark has noted three key elements that need to be addressed to ensure maximum success: executive sponsorship, focus on strategic imperatives and the relationship between management.

Communication is fundamental before, during and after the move to outsourcing. It is important to establish a clear transition plan from the outset to make sure every party is on the same page and communication needs to work on every level to maintain a good partnership.

Download the white paper: Industry Insights Insourcing v’s Outsourcing

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