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Innovation Day 2020: new scenarios for augmenting work

More than 50 workplace professionals around the world participated in WORKTECH Academy’s Innovation Day 2020 on the theme of how augmented technologies will impact the future of work

Senior service: the older office workers welcoming change

Our latest WORKTECH Wednesday Briefing looks at the group of office workers most likely to benefit from radical reverses in workplace design towards privacy and flexibility

Radical inclusion: the next frontier in reimagining the office

As the post-Covid-19 landscape begins to take shape, our latest WORKTECH Wednesday Briefing looks at how property developers and augmented technologies are set to reinvent office space

Augmented work: how can humans and machines collaborate?

A working world in which people and robots accomplish things together rather than separately will have significant implications for office property and workspace design, according to a new discussion paper from Mirvac

Can smart transform the post Covid-19 office experience?

Smart technologies capable of making the office a safe and dynamic part of the new ecosystem of work are coming much closer to reality than we think

Smart working: can building intelligence offer a route out of crisis?

As companies struggle with a welter of post-pandemic priorities, data-driven smart buildings can provide a platform for the future of work, according to a new report from Schneider Electric and UnWork

The big question: how will Covid-19 change the world?

In the first of a five-part series on the long-term impacts of the pandemic, Krupa Solanki of Unwork looks at the most likely shifts in the world of technology