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How technology can help your return to the office

Employees are getting ready for a partial return to work - but it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Learn how technology can help you pull it off

Three ways Microsoft 365 works with workspace scheduling technology

From user experience to facilitating hybrid models of working, scheduling workstations will become increasingly part of normal working life. Condeco has created solutions which aim to enable the hybrid work model through seamless integrations

Making smart sustainable: smart city ecosystem in a new urban age

The downfall of our urban centres during Covid-19 means that cities need practical solutions to make them more resilient and sustainable int eh future, according to Signify’s Eng Yong Liang

The right to light: the value of human-centric lighting

From circadian rhythms to optimised performance, human-centric lighting goes far beyond our ability to see, according to the scientific evidence

Death of dull: Toronto 2019 tracks the big changes ahead

The Canadian workplace has a reputation for caution on major workplace shifts, but an action-packed WORKTECH Toronto 2019 conference suggested an eye firmly on the future

Key themes in the Golden City: what we learnt in San Francisco

With a reputation for future-forward innovation, WORKTECH’s 2019 San Francisco conference didn’t disappoint with discussions of neural experience, progressive wellness and smart human-machine collaboration

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Arriving now: seven big tech ideas to reshape the workplace

Seven big ideas in technology are set to reimagine the workplace in terms of experiences, services and the way people will work, explains Philip Ross

Culminó exitosamente WORKTECH 18 LATAM, La conferencia internacional líder sobre el futuro del trabajo

WORKTECH LATAM tuvo lugar en Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, Quito y Montevideo donde alrededor de 1000 asistentes se congregaron para escuchar y debatir sobre las últimas tendencias en lo que respecta al futuro del trabajo