Real-time real estate: from smart buildings to smart precincts

Integrating physical experiences with smart services and building intelligence in the smart building is now being extended to entire smart precincts, known as digital districts


The sustainability shift: how IoT is changing the game

As we move from a linear towards a circular economy, the Internet of Things is enabling a global paradigm shift in sustainability in the workplace

Design for diversity: how to address new workforce demands

Smart building technology that addresses psychological as well as physical wellbeing can play a leading role in designing for a diverse workforce

Smart ecosystem: why the IoT depends on collaboration

As more and more IoT devices are connected together, smart buildings need to take an integrated approach to how data is managed and collected – this has seen the rise of smart collaborative ecosystems

What makes the Internet of Things work?

As the world of IoT continues to expand, understanding how different systems work together can spark innovation never seen before in the digital world

When light is more than light: the connected lighting system

As connected lighting systems become more sophisticated in the digital age, corporates are using quality of light as a tool to achieve better employee performance and wellbeing

The right to light: the value of human-centric lighting

From circadian rhythms to optimised performance, human-centric lighting goes far beyond our ability to see, according to the scientific evidence

Wellbeing dividend: making the workplace work for people

The rise in popularity of the coworking model suggests that people are gravitating towards a sense of community wellbeing - corporate workplaces need to step up