culture change

Why flexible curation of space holds key to hybrid workplace

The results of a pilot study by Australian developer Mirvac to rethink office space has revealed that giving people the tools to adapt their own environment is key to improving group productivity

Future life-science workplace under scrutiny over sustainability

A report by JLL examines the pathway for life-science company offices to reach net zero, setting out the roles and responsibilities of developers and landlords as well as occupiers to achieve this goal

Space for thought: are we ready for a brain-healthy workplace?

Designing workplaces to improve wellbeing is now standard practice. Much less common is looking at this topic through the prism of brain health. A study led by architect HSK shows the potential

Speaking sense: translation tech gets an international upgrade

English may be the dominant language of the business world but are local cultures being eroded by company edicts to speak it? Technology offering high-quality translation in real-time offers a solution

Back to the office? Flexibility key to productive workforce

Forget the office mandate – new research from the Future Forum suggests that choosing when and where you work can create a better workplace culture and increase productivity

La oficina que no fue

  Psicólogos y neurocientíficos han descubierto que mirar hacia el futuro es una función central de nuestro cerebro. Sin esta capacidad que nos distingue del resto de los animales no hubieran sido posibles la cultura, el conocimiento, la tecnología y la organización del trabajo, entre otras cosas.

El poder de la proximidad

  De acuerdo con la OMS, seguimos en pandemia por SARS-CoV-2; el virus sigue circulando en el mundo. Aceptar que esto ya no es un fenómeno temporal requiere un profundo replanteo de la forma en la que vivimos y trabajamos.

Back to work: UK workforce grows with the cost of living

Economically inactive groups are being driven back into the employment pool in the UK as the cost-of-living crisis forces people to re-evaluate their circumstances