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From compliance to inclusivity: embracing workplace accessibility for all

Are companies going far enough when it comes to workplace accessibility? They might be meeting minimum legal requirements, but companies should go above and beyond to be inclusive

Finding the financials: calculating cost benefits of smart workplace

Uncertain over investing in smart office technology? A new report by Spacewell sets out the financial arguments and provides a step-by-step guide to figuring out your own potential cost savings

Wellbeing at work: the simple things that help employees thrive

One of Australia’s leading experts on workplace wellbeing draws on engagement research from Gallup to explore ways to prevent staff burnout and boost productivity in the new world of work

Largest office in the world: are office-cities the future?

As a new office overtakes the Pentagon as the largest office in the world, we ask: what does this trend for larger floorplates say about the future of work?

Is higher work intensity driving low employee wellbeing?

The working world has become obsessed with where we work, but it’s the increasingly frantic process of work that we should worry about, according to a new UK report on ‘work intensification’

Sex, pubs and chatbots mingle at Manchester conference

Innovation and automation were on the schedule at the recent WORKTECH Manchester event as WORKTECH returns to the city for the first time in ten years

Unlocking the potential of your space: data and real estate

How can we use technology to make  better use of our office space? Companies the world over are currently asking this the question. A WORKTECH Webinar in partnership with Zapfloor explores the key issues

Asleep at the wheel: why napping at work could become new norm

New research suggests that taking regular naps during the day can have a positive impact on overall brain health, so should workplaces encourage employees to sleep on the job?