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10 principles of human-centred technology

Behar’s blueprint: ten principles of design for the age of AI

Do we need new design principles for the era of artificial intelligence, robotics and smart environments? Leading industrial designer Yves Behar believes we do

Provoking the nexus: the office built to inspire

From easily adaptable spaces to beer gardens and classrooms, the new Thames Tower building is designed to inspire and provoke collaboration. Recruitment firm Austin Fraser are the first tenants of this new space created by Area.

The Dropbox doctrine: build bridges, not islands

Aditya Agarwal, Chief Technology Officer at Dropbox, shares his thoughts on how enterprise software must work across all platforms and applications – and focus more fully on the workplace to raise productivity

Now you see it: the tech tools building belief in workplace design

The second in a series of posts from architects BVN on the digital revolution suggests that while the workplace has been slow to the digital party, new visualisation tools for designers will encourage creativity

BYOD (Bring Your Own Dog): why liveability matters at work

Making a better workplace is not just a question of design, say Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway - creating a culture of permission is what really counts

Productivity in the office: why acoustics matter

People respond to design in different ways - here we look at how acoustics affect individuals and their productivity levels in the workplace

Designing contemporary offices for traditional professions

Legal workplaces are shedding tradition to embrace more contemporary workplace design

Confidence builds confidence

A client's experience of a radically different workplace. With thanks to BVN client Herbert Smith Freehills