The Dropbox doctrine: build bridges, not islands

Aditya Agarwal, Chief Technology Officer at Dropbox, shares his thoughts on how enterprise software must work across all platforms and applications – and focus more fully on the workplace to raise productivity

Aditya Agarwal is the Chief Technology Officer of Dropbox, the file sharing and cloud storage pioneer headquartered in San Francisco. In this exclusive video interview with WORKTECH Academy, he explains how Dropbox’s success has been build on building bridges between the new and old world of work – and why every company in the future will be a tech company.

At a time of growing concern over gaps in office productivity, Agarwal believes that innovation in enterprise and productivity software, which has historically been consumer-focused, must now concentrate more fully on the workplace. As he says: ‘I find it fascinating that I can search through the entirety of human knowledge on my phone right now, but if I asked you what your company did last week…that is an unsolved problem.’

An in-depth interview with Aditya Agarwal can be found on the Academy’s Innovation zone.
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