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machine learning/AI

Data dilemma: will algorithmic systems erode good work?

Our latest WORKTECH Wednesday Briefing looks at the downside of data-driven systems for worker wellbeing and autonomy, the rise of the AI-powered office window, and the chance to attend a design thinking masterclass

AI as decision maker as lawyers face fast-changing world

Our regular WORKTECH Wednesday Briefing examines the potential impact of technological change on the legal profession over the next ten years as The Law Society forecasts a disturbing future

House of pain: who will foot the bill for empty offices?

This WORKTECH Wednesday Briefing looks at an Economist report which predicts nervous days ahead for office landlords as a reckoning draws near on the cost of falling occupancy rates

Is it time to stop trying to predict an uncertain future of work?

In our latest WORKTECH Wednesday Briefing, we look at a new Autodesk Foundation report which argues that we should move beyond predictions and forecasts to focusing on what workers really want

Why judges won’t halt the march of the machines

As automation makes increasing inroads into human jobs, there is now a shortening window to reskill and upskill the workforce for the new world of work

Workplace design

London conference explores The Four Futures of Work

As technological change threatens to reorder labour markets around the world, four future-of-work scenarios for 2035 from the RSA's Matthew Taylor provided a curtain-raiser to the WORKTECH London conference 2019

googly eyes

The eyes have it: how robot vision learnt from Walt Disney

When people struggle to relate to robots without a humanoid form, the answer is to use the great animator’s trick of sticking on a pair of googly eyes

Ageing and automation: how will these workplace trends interact?

In which countries are older workers most at risk from workplace automation? New research gives a global insight into which economies are most vulnerable