New insights into inclusive design for complex buildings

Architectural firm HOK has extended its focus on designing for neurodiversity from the workplace to a range of other environments including science labs, sports venues, airports and courtrooms

Bringing a multi-disciplinary lens to designing the cityscape

Award-winning architect, Scott Kilbourn, is the Director of North America at Adrianse, and an expert on designing at the city scale. In this interview, he explains how urban form will central to the future of work

The bigger picture: securing the future with sustainable design

Committing to sustainability isn’t just positive for the environment – it can be a driver of change for employee engagement, design innovation and collaboration with partners and clients

Future life-science workplace under scrutiny over sustainability

A report by JLL examines the pathway for life-science company offices to reach net zero, setting out the roles and responsibilities of developers and landlords as well as occupiers to achieve this goal

El espacio multisensorial

Actualmente, con el enorme aumento de la urbanización, nos hemos acostumbrado a vivir en entornos ajetreados y ruidosos, donde pasamos alrededor del 90 per cent de nuestro tiempo en espacios interiores.

Gestionar las reunions: una estrategia para mejorar la productividad

Las reuniones son un hecho central en la vida organizacional pero, en los últimos dos años sufrieron un aumento sin precedentes.

El poder de la proximidad

  De acuerdo con la OMS, seguimos en pandemia por SARS-CoV-2; el virus sigue circulando en el mundo. Aceptar que esto ya no es un fenómeno temporal requiere un profundo replanteo de la forma en la que vivimos y trabajamos.

The Frank Lloyd Wright office towers that never were

Brilliant new renderings of unbuilt Frank Lloyd Wright office towers show how advanced his vision was and set the bar for today’s architects of tall buildings to match