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Augmented work: how can humans and machines collaborate?

A working world in which people and robots accomplish things together rather than separately will have significant implications for office property and workspace design, according to a new discussion paper from Mirvac

Will the Japanese workplace advance or retreat after Covid-19?

New practices introduced as a direct result of the pandemic could lead to a long-term shift in how Japanese companies flex towards new ways of working, according to a major report

Can smart transform the post Covid-19 office experience?

Smart technologies capable of making the office a safe and dynamic part of the new ecosystem of work are coming much closer to reality than we think

This changes everything: office life after the great return

In the third of a five-part series on the long-term impacts of the pandemic, Krupa Solanki of UnWork investigates who should return to the office and how they should behave

The big question: how will Covid-19 change the world?

In the first of a five-part series on the long-term impacts of the pandemic, Krupa Solanki of Unwork looks at the most likely shifts in the world of technology

Sedentary behaviour

Can we make the post Covid-19 office a destination of choice?

Returning to the workplace is set to become a conscious decision rather than the default position for most office workers. What new strategies will be required to lure people back? Katie Puckett compiles a seven-point plan

What will Covid-19 mean for the future of coworking?

Coworking operators will need new business models to respond to the expected growth in flexible working, explains Katie Puckett as part of a WSP series on the post-pandemic workplace

The great return: what will it take to make employees feel safe?

In our regular roundup of new workplace perspectives, we share a survey of office employees on safety and wellbeing, and capture the views of an American pioneer of organisational network analysis