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Sustainable office icon designed for the desert sands of UAE

This WORKTECH Wednesday Briefing looks at a new corporate headquarters which is both smart and sustainable, and celebrates classic furniture reissues on Fritz Hansen’s 150th anniversary

Freedom through design: starting the inclusion journey

Addressing the needs of people with disabilities in the workplace should be more than a tick-box exercise. Tapping into the lived experience of people who know the challenges first-hand is a good place for designers to start

China tops ranking in global drive towards green buildings

Counties outside the United States are moving fast to green according to the US Green Building Council’s survey of the number of buildings around the world certified under the LEED sustainable rating

Welcome to 2022: where next for emerging technologies ?

In our first WORKTECH Wednesday Briefing of 2022, we explore a list of new technologies that are set to shape our working lives this year. Stand by sleep trackers and 3D printed offices…

Insights into how Apple’s design team crafts the future

In our final WORKTECH Wednesday Briefing of 2021, we look inside the notoriously secretive design studio at Apple Park in California, and showcase how Sweden is pushing the frontiers of sustainable office space

Great Dane: Copenhagen’s largest wooden commercial building

Danish architect Henning Larsen has unveiled a giant timber construction that embeds carbon instead of emitting it. Is this the start of a new sustainability trend to wooden offices?

Why we still need offices: two reasons nobody likes to admit

Is the daily commuter rush into the office now consigned to old movie reels? The challenges of home working, plus our innate human desire to socialise, suggests our reliance on the workplace is not over

Change up: five ‘musts’ for negotiating workplace change

From wellbeing and engagement to smart infrastructure, workplace transformation is consuming organisational strategy – how can companies stay abreast of change and create more resilient strategies for the future?