The Unworking Podcast: where next for smart buildings?

In the latest Unworking podcast, smart building expert Matthew Marson explores how our built environment can become healthier, greener and safer through the tactical inclusion of smart technologies

In a new episode of the Unworking Podcast, Matthew Marson, Managing Director of JLL Advisory, talks about the past, present and future of smart buildings. With a career built on helping create some of the world’s most innovative buildings, Marson provides insight into how the built environment has changed and what technology has to offer a new generation of workspaces.

In uncertain times, companies are struggling to understand the value of smart building technology and are increasingly reticent to invest. But this reticence could be impeding the improvement of their workspaces. As Marson says, how can you understand if a change you have made in your workspace has been a success if you are not monitoring the impact of that change?

Balancing competing priorities

Smart technology can underpin much of the decision-making that FM teams are making, and in this podcast Marson takes us through some exciting use cases whereby companies have leveraged smart tech to support their overarching goals. Whether you want to cut costs, become more sustainable or improve employee experience, smart tech can offer systems of support which can help balance seemingly competing priorities.

Marson takes us through how smart technology can support the ESG (Environmental and Social Governance) agenda, not only supporting companies on their journey to net-zero and to reducing water usage, but also ensuring that workplaces are well managed, safe and healthy places to work for all employees.

Listen to the Unworking Podcast here.

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