New year, new workstyle: three ways to achieve your workplace resolutions

Sticking to a New Year’s resolution is never easy, especially when they are hauled into the workplace. Here are three useful tips for keeping those resolutions on track

New Year’s resolutions are always created with the most honourable of intentions, but as January lags on they are often met with resilience and it is all too easy to just give up. However it is important to set individual and team goals in the workplace to track progress and to work towards something.

Workplace resolutions can be individual or team-based, and they don’t necessarily have to be directly linked to the business. Personal goals to be better organised and get up earlier can have an impact on performance at work. There is always an area in our work-lives that can be improved – but how can we manage expectations and targets throughout the year?

Document resolutions: Jotting down attainable resolutions on a note, phone, or even a spreadsheet is the first step in recognising what needs to be done. This note will work as a point of reference to maintain focus on the target.

Track progress: When referring back to the notes/phone/spreadsheet, make a note of progress in some capacity. Tracking progress is a key step in marking how much has been achieved since the resolution was first set.

Reward advancement: Rewards can be a very powerful motivator, not only personally but for a team too. Rewards are important throughout the process, not just when the end goal is achieved. They can be used as incentives to reach the next step or progress further towards achieving the resolution.

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