Top tips from leading technology players on how to stay relevant

What does it take to remain competitive in a fast-paced technology-driven world? Condeco gathers some top tips from big players in the technology industry

Technology is evolving at a speed that can only be comparable to a lightening flash. It has left promising tech companies whizzing their heads around wondering when they got left behind. But the most successful companies have been agile in their approach, and they have been rewarded with longevity.

Nokia, IBM and Nintendo have passed their 100th birthday, while Intel and HP have been up and running more than half a century. Snapchat, Uber, Twitter and Facebook are still in their infancy relatively speaking, and approaching their teenage years, but in today’s digital economy this speaks volumes.

How to sustain long-term growth

There is a continuous discussion about the struggle of the start-up, and how to sustain long-term growth. Condeco has looked at how the big tech players have achieved their growth and remained relevant through turbulent digital evolution.

Condeco started by looking at the big trends tech companies are facing in 2018. According to 2018, there are seven key trends to spot this year: 5G, AI, robotics, voice – the fourth sales channel, facial recognition on the go, VR, and smart cities.

The tech giants of today recognised these trends years ago, and did the preparation to act on them now. This foresight has set Apple, Google and Facebook to increase their big investments in immersive technology in 2018. Amazon has transformed book retailing but continued to understand and cement the importance of direct, non-virtual offline consumer engagement.

Putting the customer first

It is important for start-up tech companies to have a clear digital strategy in place for the future and have an acute awareness of tech advancements. What will keep a young company relevant is the ability to humanise technology and make it relate to the desired audience.

Employing the right talent and remaining cautious of operational costs and efficiencies will keep the fledgling enterprise of start-ups on the right path in 2018.

Congratulations to Condeco who will be celebrating its adolescence this year with its 13th birthday.

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