Unwork podcast: book authors discuss how to reimagine workplace

In the first of a new podcast series from the Unwork consulting group, co-authors Philip Ross and Jeremy Myerson talk about their new book which explores the concept of relearning work

Hosted by Nicole Barretto, Business and Innovation Manager at Unwork, a new podcast series will explore the future of work and workplace with some of the leading thinkers and thought leaders in the field. In this first episode, Philip Ross, founder and CEO of Ungroup, and Jeremy Myerson, Director of WORKTECH Academy, discuss the concept of ‘Unworking’.

Based on the themes explored in a new book, Unworking: The Reinvention of the Modern Office, written by WORKTECH co-founders Jeremy Myerson and Philip Ross, the concept of ‘Unworking’ is that we need to take the time to unlearn old habits and rituals which were established for an outdated office and instead embrace new ones fit for an age of digital technology, design innovation and diverse workforces.

 ‘The idea that the pandemic was the spark that set off the transformation of the office is debunked…’

Here they share insights on how their interest in the workplace was piqued, how they came to set up the WORKTECH conference series, and the seismic shifts in office design and purpose that they have witnessed during their careers. Debunking the idea that the pandemic was the spark that set off the transformation of the office, they instead suggest that the concepts that inform the ways we work today were being explored long before, with the pandemic acting as a catalyst to speed along the development of new attitudes.

Listen to their dynamic discussion here.

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