On the frontline: why your workplace really matters

Condeco’s latest report highlights the latest trends driving workplace transformation around the world, canvassing the views of 500 workplace leaders to present a picture of global change

top 12 technology companies

Dazzling dozen: the 12 top tech companies of 2018

The recent announcement of new Future Fifty companies from Tech City UK prompted Condeco to analyse 12 of the most promising firms in 2018

Pressing for progress

Pressing for progress: ten cases for gender parity in the workplace

International Women’s Day (IWD) has been recognised for over a century, but how can female success be celebrated in the workplace? Condeco came up with ten actionable takeaways from their own IWD celebrations

Cartoons help erase gender-bias

Gender bias: how children’s cartoons can break the work barriers

Whether it is a children’s cartoon or an inspirational individual, Condeco looks at how perceptions are changing on gender-specific roles in the workforce

evolution of work behaviours

The evolution of workplace behaviours, attitudes and technology

Condeco outlines a decade-by-decade timeline of the evolution of the workplace to understand how attitudes and behaviours have progressed and technology has emerged over the years

What do millennials really want?

What do millennials really want?

Is the global perception of millennials’ sense of entitlement fair? Condeco challenges this view and looks at how organisations can play to millennial strengths

Tips from the big tech players

Top tips from leading technology players on how to stay relevant

What does it take to remain competitive in a fast-paced technology-driven world? Condeco gathers some top tips from big players in the technology industry

Is microchipping the new norm?

Is microchipping the workforce the next tech step-change?

It has echoes of a Hollywood sci-fi blockbuster, but is the idea of microchipping your workforce really so far-fetched? Condeco research suggests not