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Airbnb recently added 999 Brannon building to its portfolio

Home away from home: creating branded workspace at Airbnb

From branded workspace to custom furniture and homely meeting rooms, Airbnb’s executive creative director Aaron Taylor Harvey shares the secrets behind Airbnb’s workplace strategy

Large companies creating innovation culture

Can elephants dance? Creating an innovation culture in large firms

The key to the success of any organisation is consistent innovation. But what is the definition of innovation? And how can leaders create an environment to enhance innovation? A new report looks at the seven key qualities of innovative companies

Networks can be mapped to influence workspace configuration

The hydrated workplace: creating fluid networks in organisations

How can organisations adapt to an increasingly volatile environment? Microsoft has been working on projects to shift the landscape of work. Two of the company’s leaders of change, Anton Andrews and Ryan Fuller, share their ideas with WORKTECH Academy

Technology enables human-centric smart environments

Yves Behar: standing up for designers to humanise technology

How can technology be leveraged to cater for our every need? Leading industrial designer Yves Behar talks about the role of the designer in shaping a tech-driven future in this exclusive video interview

Nature calls: why biophilic design is fundamental to a human approach

Improving human connection to nature is fundamental to an enhanced workplace experience, reveals biophilic design ambassador Oliver Heath in an exclusive video interview with WORKTECH Academy

Designers should practice mindfulness to create mindful design

Mindful design isn’t just about creating a calm workplace, says design expert Aidan Walker. It is about designers practising what they preach and being mindful themselves

Engineered encounters: how workplace apps will change how we work

Can workplace apps change the way we interact with each other and our environment? A new WORKTECH Academy report, The App-Centric Workplace, looks at how apps are a catalyst for change