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The big question: how can companies build a greener workplace?

The behaviour of people working inside office buildings will have far more influence on creating a sustainable culture than smart technical systems. So how can we encourage changes in behaviour? One way is to identify and reinforce emerging cultures.

Hacked and tracked: the rise of the optimised worker

Imagine staff appraisals in which managers already know how their direct reports feel about the job? Just one of several surprising predictions from futurist Tom Savigar

Digital work districts: how smart precincts will reshape our cities

Intermix is a discussion paper from Australian developer Mirvac, co-produced with WORKTECH Academy, which sets out a vision for the smart precinct of tomorrow

Melissa Marsh: let's make static environments more flexible

When you bring technology, social research and people engagement together, the new workplace is closer than ever before, explains Melissa Marsh of Plastarc, the New York-based workplace strategist

Dropbox: from keeping files in synch to keeping teams in synch

In this exclusive video interview with Aditya Agarwal, Chief Technology Officer at Dropbox, the company’s tech leader explains how a more consumer-centric approach to enterprise software might help knowledge workers and teams get ahead

Age matters: decoding the evidence on longer working lives

As companies seek to retain the experience and knowledge of older workers, how can the workplace adapt to raise productivity right to the top of the demographic range?

Neighbourhood theme for The Boston Consulting Group

UnWork helps Boston Consulting Group to create a new workplace in Hudson Yards, New York, bringing the office of the future to the smart precinct of the future