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The secret sauce of collaborative design: the RBS recipe

Developing a sense of community is a key ingredient to create successful collaborative spaces in the financial services sector, says RBS Head of Workplace & Design Tim Yendell

Designers should practice mindfulness to create mindful design

Mindful design isn’t just about creating a calm workplace, says design expert Aidan Walker. It is about designers practising what they preach and being mindful themselves

‘A tug of war between organisations to be optimal and humans to be well’

Co-founder of Studio Banana, Ali Ganjavian, talks exclusively to WORKTECH Academy about redefining efficiency for people and reducing the stigma around sleeping at work

Engineered encounters: how workplace apps will change how we work

Can workplace apps change the way we interact with each other and our environment? A new WORKTECH Academy report, The App-Centric Workplace, looks at how apps are a catalyst for change

Collaboration and trust: the key to a stable smart building ecosystem

Look under the hood of the smart building and its operation requires a complex arrangement of relationships and interactions. A new report from Mapiq suggests a smart software ecosystem with different actors taking roles

The big question: how can companies build a greener workplace?

The behaviour of people working inside office buildings will have far more influence on creating a sustainable culture than smart technical systems. So how can we encourage changes in behaviour? One way is to identify and reinforce emerging cultures.

Digital work districts: how smart precincts will reshape our cities

Intermix is a discussion paper from Australian developer Mirvac, co-produced with WORKTECH Academy, which sets out a vision for the smart precinct of tomorrow