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Are workplace superapps the next go-to tool for the workplace?

Workplace superapps are on the rise, but how are they serving the work ecoystem? A combination of complete integration and personalisation will make these tools indispensable, says a new CXApp report

Workspace design leader Adrianse becomes Global Partner

How will our places and spaces develop as the dynamics of work evolve at pace? Adrianse has become a Global Partner of WORKTECH Academy to share its wealth of ideas and insights 

Bringing a multi-disciplinary lens to designing the cityscape

Award-winning architect, Scott Kilbourn, is the Director of North America at Adrianse, and an expert on designing at the city scale. In this interview, he explains how urban form will central to the future of work

How culture and creativity drive people-centric design focus

At Adrianse, the exposure of our diverse and forward-thinking design teams to new artistic and cultural influences is key to building a deep and enduring connection with our clients

Charting the evolution of office design to Workplace 3.0

Office space has undergone a natural evolution, driven by culture, economic growth, technology  and aesthetic changes. But what did the first offices look like and how have they changed since then?

The bigger picture: securing the future with sustainable design

Committing to sustainability isn’t just positive for the environment – it can be a driver of change for employee engagement, design innovation and collaboration with partners and clients

New rules of work: redefining ‘modern’ for the 21st century

In this short video for Bloomberg, MillerKnoll sets out a vision for a future office based on providing more variety and choice – and on being more responsive to a diverse array of user needs

Modern design pioneer MillerKnoll joins Academy inner circle

How will our places and spaces adapt to the dynamics reshaping work today? MillerKnoll has become a Global Partner of WORKTECH Academy to share its wealth of ideas and insights