The Coffice: is this the new brew for how we will work?

Amid the unassigned seating and insufficient facilities in the workplace, there is now a shift of people moving to coffee shops for their work haven. Condeco looks at how people will opt to book meetings in the coffee shop environments of the future

The demand for flexible working is showing no signs of slowing down, particularly as the Millennial generation start to dominate the workforce. As the search for a comfortable, connected, and quiet environment continues, many employees have migrated to coffee shops to find their working sweet-spot. Queue the Coffice…

The ingredients are simple: Half coffee shop (café), half office = The Coffice

As many larger offices become crowded, with employees fighting for workspaces in poorly executed hot desking schemes, or queuing to use the printers and coffee machines. The Coffice has become the venue of choice because of the space and break from frantic workers. The Coffice allows employees to take a step back to think and work productively on a given task.

However, for an organisation to recognise and implement this kind of shift in working requires forward planning, and is best suited to organisations with ample access to cloud-based solutions and mobile technology.

Full of beans

The Coffice is not just reserved for large organisations seeking some peace from busy offices, it can be an excellent venue for employees of smaller businesses, start-ups, and freelancers. The Coffice is favoured by workers and businesses who are looking for lower overheads by avoiding the high real estate prices of office space, with the added bonus of external networking and interaction with others who may hold similar ideas and ambitions.

Collaborating over coffee

The concept of the Coffice seems best suited to solitary work tasks, given the nature of the typical coffee shop environment. However, that does not meet that collaboration, discussions and meetings cannot take place.

Condeco’s meeting room booking software is optimised for mobile, anyone can book meetings on the go, so meetings can be organised from the Coffice to create a more efficient transition into a meeting in the office. Meetings can be held at the Coffice too, particularly in quieter venues for video and audio meetings.

The Coffice provides flexible, friendly spaces that make great pit stops or working refuges for many different people.

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