What’s next? How Condeco is driving technological change

The 21st century office is rapidly evolving with technology-enabled space, rethinking the way people will work and interact with their environment in the near future

New technologies are constantly reshaping the physical workplace environment and the experience we have within it. As flexible working continues to gather momentum, technology plays a growing role in maintaining connectivity and collaboration in an organisation.

This video shows how Condeco is at the forefront of technology innovation and finding solutions that fit emerging styles of working. Professor Jeremy Myerson, Director of WORKTECH Academy, explains how the workplace is the key to the talent attraction and retention agenda. The workplace is becoming a more social space where people have choice and autonomy over where they work.

 What’s next?

The workplace will soon know who you are. It will know your profile, how you like your coffee and what projects you are working on. Technology and facial recognition will play a big part in customising and personalising the workplace for individuals.

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