The most effective ways of working in 2018

As the physical landscape of the modern office evolves, so do the ways in which we work. Here, Condeco outlines the five most popular and effective ways of working in 2018

The modern office is becoming more flexible and adaptable to meet the demands of different work styles. As these adaptations are being made there are particular styles of work that are becoming more popular with workers. Here are five of the most effective ways of working and how space can adapt to these trends.

Varied spaces

Organisations can provide a wide variety of workspaces from the traditional set-up of bank of desks to hotel-style lobbies. This variety allows people to choose a space based on the activity they are undertaking at the time, encouraging flexibility and creativity. Individuals and teams can match their moods to their setting to avoid the restraints of the office and help them think more innovatively.

Agile working

Tied closely to varied spaces is the idea of agile working. Activity-based working, which involves having pre-determined areas in which employees can carry out the necessary tasks, means that employees can use space as a tool to help achieve higher performance.

Internal coworking spaces

Coworking spaces have picked up great momentum in recent years – organisations are now trying to emulate these environments in-house. The idea is to foster connectivity and create social spaces for people to innovate and be collaborative.

Flexible hours

Flexible working continues to be an important way of working for many businesses. Organisations are not only looking at flexibility of space, but also flexibility of time. This allows employees to work hours that suit their style of working. It promotes a sense of trust and encourages self-motivation in the company.

One-Click tech

One-click technology may not be a way of working, but it certainly has a great influence how we perceive remote working. Video integrated meetings will become the norm if they are simply a click of a button – and this will lead to increased remote connectivity.

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