Destination Asia: how developers can seize the power of change

From his vantage point in Shanghai, Haworth VP Frank Rexach looks at the opportunities for change in the emerging markets of Asia Pacific, especially for developers

Few workplace professionals enjoy a better position from which to observe what’s happening in the Asia Pacific region than Shanghai-based Frank Rexach, Haworth’s Vice President and General Manager of Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. ‘There’s a lot of opportunity for change’, he says of emerging markets not constrained by traditional barriers built up over time.

In this video interview for the Academy, Rexach explains how developers can play a key role in creating ‘destination’ buildings that not only attract but, significantly, retain tenants. Drawing on his company’s work with Lend Lease on a new concept called The Porter in Sydney, Rexach advocates co-creation as a way to bring the best brains together to activate space in new and exciting ways. Haworth is a Global Partner of the WORKTECH Academy.

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